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Pesticide Data Program (PDP)  Popular

Category: Start / Food Toxicology (FTX)
The Pesticide Data Program (PDP) is a national pesticide residue database program.  Through cooperation with State agriculture departments and other Federal agencies, PDP manages the collection, analysis, data entry, and reporting of pesticide residues on agricultural commodities, with an emphasis on those commodities highly consumed by infants and children.  (English).
Added on: 16-Nov-2004 | hits: 5912
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Kompogas  Popular

Category: Start / Applied & Environmental Microbiology (AEM)
Welcome to Kompogas. Enter the world of ecological energy production. Learn about how kitchen and garden waste is not only turned into compost and CO2 neutral energy, but also how new life springs forth with a clean a totally renouvable Energy. (English, Deutsch).
Added on: 23-May-2003 | hits: 5472
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European Environmental Press  Popular

Category: Start / Environmental Protection (EPR)
The EEP is a Europe-wide association of thirteen environmental magazines. Each member is considered the leader in its country and is committed to building links between 400,000 environmental professionals across Europe in both the public and private sectors. The EEP is unique in bringing together the leading national business- to business magazines as an expert network for the dissemination of high quality environmental information throughout Europe. (English).
Added on: 13-Aug-2004 | hits: 5455
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Gabbani Shopping in via Pessina, Lugano  Popular

Category: Start / Our Dearest Partners (ODP)
Gabbani Shopping means six specialized shops in the center of Lugano: La Salumeria, La Bottega del Formaggio, Il Frutteto, La Bottega del Vino, Il Campo dei Fiori, Il Fornaio, and the Party Service. (Italiano)
Added on: 13-Jun-2004 | hits: 5143
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Papua New Guinea: national fisheries authority  Popular

Category: Start / Food Safety Links (GOV)
Our Mission Statement : "Managing our fisheries for sustainable benefit" The Role of National Fisheries Authority Under the fisheries management Act 1998, the National Fisheries Authority is "responsible for the management and development of the fisheries sector in accordance with the provisions of this Act under the overall policy direction of the Ministry" and "shell perform and exercise its functions and powers on behalf of Papua New Guinea". (English).
Added on: 03-Aug-2004 | hits: 4904
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International Association of Milk Food & Environmental Sanitarians Inc. (IAMFES)  Popular

Category: Start / Professional Trades Associations (PTA)
The International Association for Food Protection, founded in 1911, is a non-profit association of food safety professionals. Comprised of a diverse membership of over 3,000 Members from 50 nations, the Association is dedicated to the education and service of its Members, as well as industry personnel such as the International Association of Milk Food & Environmental Sanitarians Inc., IAMFES, (English).
Added on: 05-May-2003 | hits: 4210
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Biographies, The Scientists: A List.  Popular

Category: Start / Scientific Facts & Curiosities (F&C)
Alphabetical list of the biographies of the world scientists. Excellent hypertext by Blupete a.k.a. Attorney at Law Peter Landry, /> (English).
Added on: 06-May-2003 | hits: 4062
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ABE Online  Popular

Category: Start / Consumers Associations (ICA)
A Bon Entendeur, leading Swiss French Consumer Association, excellent investigations, reporting and archives (Français).
Added on: 23-Sep-2003 | hits: 3791
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Droit Interne Suisse: Police des denrées alimentaires et de divers objets usuels (817)  Popular

Category: Start / International Food Laws (IFL)
Lois et Ordonnances Suisses concernant la police des denrées alimentaires et de divers objets usuels (Français).
Added on: 16-May-2003 | hits: 3480
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Category: Start / Consumers Associations (ICA)
Independent and neutral comparisons for more market clarity. Internet makes consumers more powerful than ever since it enables them to compare different offers from various providers instantaneously. However, such market clarity is only possible if consumers have the necessary means to perform comparisons, like each providers' data. provides this information within seconds and can therefore show customers rates and prices for different products. New services are constantly being developed and put online. (English, Français, Deutsch, Italiano).
Added on: 16-Jun-2004 | hits: 2924
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US EPA Pesticides Tolerances  Popular

Category: Start / Food Toxicology (FTX)
EPA sets limits on the amount of pesticides that may remain in or on foods. These limits are called tolerances. The tolerances are set based on a risk assessment and are enforced by the Food and Drug Administration. The pesticide tolerances that were in place as of August 1996, when the Food Quality Protection Act was signed, are subject to reassessment. This reassessment process is scheduled for completion in 2006. (English).
Added on: 16-Nov-2004 | hits: 2884
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International HACCP Certification Ltd.  Popular

Category: Start / Food Consulting Firms (FCF)
Hygiene Certification & Training for Packaging Manufacturers. International HACCP Certification Ltd specialise in providing "Third Party" certification to packaging manufacturers looking to meet the BRC/IoP Technical Standard. We also provide associated training for staff involved in the control of hygiene management systems as well as the production of materials. (English).
Added on: 13-Aug-2004 | hits: 2756
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Sage Five foods company  Popular

Category: Start / Food Ingredients & Technologies (I&T)
AGE V FOODS, LLC. (pronounced Sage Five) specializes in producing rice based ingredients for use in processed foods and has developed the most complete line of rice products in the industry.
Added on: 29-May-2004 | hits: 2711
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Salumificio del Castello  Popular

Category: Start / Our Dearest Partners (ODP)
Salumificio del Castello means tradition and experience in the production of dried ham, salametti and other typical salumi of the Canton Ticino (Italiano).
Added on: 25-Mar-2006 | hits: 2682
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Cornell Education Poisonous Plants  Popular

Category: Start / Food Toxicology (FTX)
Atlas of common poisonous plants listed by thier common and or scientific name by the animan science department at cornell university education: (English).
Added on: 23-May-2003 | hits: 2675
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Diritto Interno Svizzero: Polizia degli alimenti e degli oggetti d'uso e consumo (817)  Popular

Category: Start / International Food Laws (IFL)
Leggi e Ordinanze Federali Svizzere concernenti la polizia degli alimenti e degli oggetti d'uso e consumo: raccolta completa delle Leggi, dei Decreti e delle Ordinanze Svizzere riguardanti l' alimentazione (Italiano).
Added on: 16-May-2003 | hits: 2609
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M.K. and Associates: Professional Food Industry Recruiters  Popular

Category: Start / Food Consulting Firms (FCF)
M.K. and Associates is a national recruiting firm based just north of Pittsburgh, PA. The firm specializes in the Food Manufacturing Industry, serving companies nationwide that manufacture food and food ingredients. (English). 
Added on: 29-May-2004 | hits: 2459
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Association of Food and Drug Officials: AFDO  Popular

Category: Start / Non Profit Organizations (NPO)
AFDO is an international leader and trusted resource for building consensus and promoting uniformity on public health and consumer protection issues related to the regulation of foods, drugs, devices, cosmetics and consumer products. (English).
Added on: 22-Oct-2004 | hits: 2457
Report broken link | Details Spendere Meglio, L'Inchiesta, Scelgo Io  Popular

Category: Start / Consumers Associations (ICA) è il sito non-profit dei giornali Spendere Meglio, L'Inchiesta e Scelgo Io. Si finanzia con la vendita di articoli online e non accetta né pubblicità né sussidi (Italiano).
Added on: 16-May-2003 | hits: 2377
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Native American Herbal, Plant Knowledge.  Popular

Category: Start / Ethnics Foods & Herbs (NAF)
Native American Herbal, Plant Knowledge by Webmistress Paula Giese, contains links and data bases. Site is designed by Beaded Lizard Web Designs, who is specialized in small business websites, especially art and Native American non-profits: (English).
Added on: 07-May-2003 | hits: 2369
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Hot Soups Recepies  Popular

Category: Start / The Gourmet Corner (TGC)
For centuries, soup has been the first resort of a special dinner and the last resort of weary providers with tired vegetables and hungry children. And it's a lot more than that. Thackeray has versified on it; Queequeg has rhapsodized about it; George Santayana has waxed downright Proustian for its sake. In these pages, dear readers, I would sing a song of soup to fill your bellies and satisfy your souls.
Added on: 02-Jun-2004 | hits: 2356
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Bernasconi SA Distribuzione di Formaggi e Salumi  Popular

Category: Start / Our Dearest Partners (ODP)
Retail and wholesale of dairy products and other perishable food items; marketing and distribution. Located in Cadempino near Lugano, Switzerland. (Italiano).
Added on: 13-Jun-2004 | hits: 2347
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Travel & Health Medicine  Popular

Category: Start / Health Education Resourses (EER) is a searchable database containing tips for health and travelling medicine. The site has different specific sections according to geographical regions and destinations. The text is prepared by David Goldberg MD (English).
Added on: 19-May-2003 | hits: 2341
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The American Institute of Baking  Popular

Category: Start / Universities & Technical Institutes (UTI)
The American Institute of Baking is a not-for-profit corporation, founded by the North American wholesale and retail baking industries in 1919 as a technology transfer center for bakers and food processors. The original mission of the organization was to "put science to work for the baker," and that basic theme is still central to all of the programs, products, and services provided by AIB to baking and general food production industries worldwide. (English, Español, Français).
Added on: 13-Aug-2004 | hits: 2139
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Search the Foodsafe Discussion Groups Archives (DGA)  Popular

Category: Start / Technical Search Engines (SDB)
This section let's you search by topic, subject, author, date and time of the archives of the International Foodsafe Discussion Groups, sponsored by FDA & USDA. From here you can also access to the main partners of the forum: Food Safety and Inspection Service, Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, Cooperative State Research, Education and Extension Services, the National Agricultural Library, and the University of Maryland (English).
Added on: 10-May-2003 | hits: 2009
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